Sushi Only…No Sake?
August 1, 2012

Our unit at work was treated to lunch. We decided (some were out numbered) on Fujiyama Mama in Westfield, NJ ( It was during working hours, so sake was out of the question (Boo).

We started lunch with different appetizers, rolls, gyozas, and more rolls. Everyone ordered their individual entrees afterwards. I ordered the “Knock Your Socks Off”(Shrimp tempura, spicy lump crab, pine nuts, & avocado) I shared mine with another co-worker who ordered the “Bomb”(Lobster tail tempura & crab rolled with thinly sliced cumber). I was full half way through. I can’t say that I had any complaints about my lunch.  Another co-worker ordered the Tiger’s Eye…It really did look like the eye of a tiger. I was not brave enough to try it…But my co-diners enjoyed it.  Another co-worker ordered a dish from the kitchen (…the co-worker that was out numbered…Ha!) She enjoyed her food none the less.

Fujiyama Mama offers a Kitchen, Sushi, and Hibachi menu, along with a full bar. They are open for lunch (Mon.-Sat) and dinner (Mon.-Sun.). The restaurant says “We offer an impressive selection of specialty appetizers, as well as many other unusual and unique specialty rolls”. Enjoy the journey.

…Until our next outing…Smooches!


Hangin’ in Harlem…
March 18, 2012

Since our plans were rearranged, when a certain restaurant/bar on 26th in NY(starts with an A) was closed due to a private function(without  notice), we moved our after work gathering to Harlem…My girlfriends and I enjoyed a small bite to eat (and drinks) at the Harlem Tavern, Harlem,NY( ). 

The restaurant & beer garden is rather new to the Harlem community.  When you walk through the doors you are greeted by a social atmosphere. Seating is in abundance, but everyone (even me on my 1st visit) gravitate to the back of the establishment.  And there in all it’s glory… is the BAR!. People can grab a seat at the bar, one of the long “communal” high tables or at one of the booths that graze the brick finished wall.  During the nicer weather you can enjoy the outdoor patio.  Harlem Tavern is open ’til 4am daily.   There is live music on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and live jazz on Saturdays.


I had so much fun with my girlfriends. We kept the bartender, Steve, busy with photography (as if he wasn’t working behind the bar…Ha!).   He was very accommodating & knowledgable about the libations he served.  We snacked on appetizers but we didn’t get the full effect of the chef’s craft…So, another visit is in order.  There is a nice crowd that fills the Harlem Tavern and that is why I would go back .


…Until our next outing…Smooches!

She’s 8!…Happy Birthday to the Leap Year Baby
March 1, 2012

February 29th only comes around every four years(Boo Hoo)…So this year my friends and I celebrated the birthday of our friend/co-worker in NJ (not NY…where we initially started). After our many pow wows about our celebration plans, we decided on drinks, appetizers and karaoke.

After work we all went to the Stone House in Warren, NJ( .  Stone House is the sister location to the Liberty House (If you haven’t read that blog entry, please do …). They have great food but we decided to relax in the bar/lounge area for happy hour (…or Artisanal Pizza Wednesday). The ambiance was a relaxed candle lit situation with wood and stone worked in there. We were treated with a bottle of champagne for the occasion (Thanks again Mark). During happy hour they offer artisanal pizza (with and without meat). It is awesome. The flavors of the cheese & vegetables just dance over your tounge. We also had a artisanal cheese platter, with fruit, honey, and jam included. I decided to have one of the bartender’s(Ben) creations, a Dessert Rose. The Dessert Rose is made with jalapeno infused vodka, pomegranate and pineapple juices. If you are not the one for spiciness with your drink I don’t advise this drink. It may have a tendency to make the cartoon smoke come out of the ears of some people. The Stone House offers event planning and it is a beautiful setting for pictures.  Drop in for Tapas Thursdays.  It’s great.

After some photo ops, we made our way to Grille Stone Classic American Bar & Grille, Scotch Plains, NJ ( ). Wednesday night was  “Live Band Karaoke”.  I was skeptical about the band, but they were great.  All they needed was the Billboard top 40 songs (R&B, Pop… whatever). I don’t do karaoke, but my girlfriends do…And they made it work. I had so much fun watching them. I even had a dance break in between verses (Tina Turner flash back…Hair flinging and everything). There are drink specials during their weekly promotional events, like “Thirsty Thursday” and “Skyy Vodka Weekend”. I had a refreshing mojito…So good that I had two. Didn’t think it was wise to have more than two…especially when “someone” kept buying shots(Ha!). I had a beef quesadilla, while I drank. It wasn’t an “OMG” reaction when I ate it, but it was good. I’ll definitely get another one, in the future. My friend had a “Hot Johnny” burger…no bun. She said it was “fantastical”. The meat was flavorful, the Gouda cheese gave it a smoky taste, and the jalapeno gave it some heat. She had such an intimate moment with her burger, I have to try one next time…on a bun (lol). The whole night was very entertaining. Especially when the “Little Devils” performed. I’m definitely going back again. But, I do hope we get a different waiter. He had no personality and he was very short with his conversation. But he is just one non-factor in my experience. I loved the establishment and I advise anyone who enjoys good food & drink to give Grill Stone a visit. They also have an outside area, where you can enjoy the atmosphere during the nice weather months.


…Until our next outing…Smooches!