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Girls’ Weekend in Atlantic City (Part 2)
May 29, 2014

Day two of our “Girl’s Weekend” started with brunch at the new Caesars buffet in the Caesars Hotel and Casino ( We had mimosas, shrimp, london broil, waffles, and everything else you could possibly want…but no crab legs (Boo). The dining room was bright and the service was extremely pleasant. I left extra pleasant 🙂



After brunch we took a ride out to Egg Harbor, NJ to Renault Winery Resort & Golf ( Renault offers a variety of rooms to host social & business events. Renault has both gourmet and casual dining restaurants. The Tuscany House Hotel offers a wide variety of amenities to anyone who visits the winery or the surrounding area. You can even reserve a tee time (for my avid golfers). We decided to take a tour of the winery. The tour guide gave us background history on the founder and the winery. Then we were shown the facility and where the wine is made. Last (the best part) we were taken to the tasting room to sample a few of their signature wines, which are also for purchase in the shop. The shop is where we ended our tour…of course. The tour guides are very helpful and informative. If you are in the South Jersey area schedule a tour of Renault and find out why they are the only N.J. winery able to call their sparkling wine “champagne”.


That night, after some heavy drinking, we went to Dos Caminos Mexican Restaurant ( in the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino ( We had a 9pm reservation (my fault on the late dining). We were a little late but, we were seated only 15 minutes after arrival. The atmosphere was very loud from the many large parties. The restaurant appears to be trendy and upbeat. If you have a headache, like someone in our party, I would cancel my reservation for the night…lol. Our party of five was seated in a section that was tight and cramped. There were two other parties in that area. I have an energetic circle of friends, but these two parties made us irritated. Despite our surroundings, all of us (except for one) enjoyed our food. We had guacamole (made fresh to order) and a pitcher of margaritas. I had enchiladas which were very tasty. We ended dinner with a round of “pity shots” since we clearly looked like we didn’t enjoy the whole experience. But, as a matter of fact I would return again. The entire experience was not THAT bad. The bar area is very inviting. I may just indulge in a few drinks and appetizers, next time. Dos Caminos also have four locations in New York and one in Florida. The A.C. location has Happy Hour, during the week, with a dj. The price for a meal is reasonable for a casino restaurant. Based on the “$” system, it would be $$.

The entire weekend had its ups and downs, but we ALWAYS found the rainbow in the cloud. I got some rest, recreation, and wreaked havoc on A.C. …Totally enjoyed myself.


Until our next outing…Smooches!


Let’s Meet at the Commons on 3rd St.
August 2, 2012

Before meeting our party , in the city, we made a pit stop at Barcade, in Jersey City, NJ ( The little gem celebrates vintage arcade games and american craft beer under ONE ROOF!  The beer menu changes frequently, so if you find something you like write it down.  There is a kitchen where you can order things to nosh on, while you drink or play games.  It is strictly small appetizers and sandwiches.  The bar & games are the best things there…wink wink.  Barcade is open Mon.-Thurs.(4pm-2am), Fri-Sat(12pm-3am), and Sun.(12pm-2am).  The bar has Happy Hour Mon.-Fri with bar and food specials.  This place is definitely for the “big kid” in every adult.  Sorry no children allowed…21 and over. If you can’t help throwing a quarter into a Mrs. Pac Man or Zelda machine when you see it…This is your place.

After throwing back 2 beers at Barcade, we rolled through the Holland Tunnel to a birthday gathering at West 3rd Common, in New York, NY ( This place is perfect for intimate gatherings.  The red couches in the lounge area (in the front by the bar) line the windows of the restaurant.  Our party had enough room to lounge and walk around.  It was a semi-private set up.  There were platters of Chicken, Sliders, Chips, Sweet Potato Tots, and Mozzarella Sticks.  I sipped(and threw back) Lychee Martinis and Blue Moon beer.  Of course there was the birthday shot of Grey Goose Vodka(Whoa). Everyone expressed how pleased they were with the venue. Thanks for the invite Meka and Therm.

West 3rd Commons boasts about having the best happy hour.  For happy hour specials visit the website.  On Sunday nights the entire bar is “half off” from 8pm- close.  During brunch, noon-4pm, diners can savor unlimited Bloody Marys, Mimosas, or Screwdrivers.  West 3rd Commons is open at 12pm everyday (Sun at 11am).  The kitchen closes at 12am every night.  If you choose to venture over to.  West 3rd Commons, ENJOY!

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Pack Your Bags! Let’s Go to D.R.! (Part 2)
June 8, 2012

When we didn’t soak up the sand at Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Resort ( we ventured into Sosua, a small town in Puerto Plata. We had a driver that knew the town well and set us up on a beautiful part of the local beach. The food was amazing. We had shrimp(huge shrimp) and a whole fried fish. The fish was the size of a car dashboard(Really). I was sort of skeptical about eating a whole fish, but BOY it was definitely something I got over. There were all types of things to do on the beach from water sports to glass bottom boats. There are all types of things being sold; from food, hand-made crafts, and massages. Don’t get pressured into buying everything from everyone that walks up to up to you…you’ll go broke. I truly enjoyed the day off the resort.

After spending our days on the beach, we enjoyed the luxury of having a private pool. We had mini pool parties until we tired ourselves out. A short nap, shower, and cocktail and it was time for dinner. The resort had a number of restaurants, which we were given the privilege to eat in. Every night we had a three course meal. The 1st night the entire traveling party ate together at a restaurant. Unfortunately the name of the restaurant escapes me. It was very good and the wait staff was very accommodating to our party. Even when our dining party did not want to leave, the dining room remained open. The 2nd night there was a big show and bbq, on the beach, to welcome the returning guests. The food would’ve been better if it didn’t get cold before you got back to your table…But the champagne stayed cold! On Monday night, the people in our villa went to Jazz( Cajun fare). Thank God we had the print out of our dinner reservations because, they had us down for an earlier reservation. After their “boo boos” were corrected, we enjoyed our dinner. The lights were low and since the service was sooo spread out, our party started to doze. Was it the flowing cocktails?(IDK)…but dinner was great. Tuesday we had dinner at Azul (Seafood). The clean lines and ceiling to floor windows were beautiful. The highlight of dinner was the LAVA CAKE! (OMG) I could’ve had 4. Be sure to take pictures on the balcony.  The view of the mountains are memorable.  Wednesday night was the private BBQ at the villa. The pork, beef, shrimp, & lobster was on freakin’ point. Even though I was getting sick(yes…sick), I was still stuffing my face…Ha!

The Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Resort had everything from spas& gyms to night clubs& bars and watersports. I indulged in a massage one morning. It wasn’t as good as the many I’ve had. But the masseuse did get a kink out of my neck, that I woke up with. If you are interested in purchasing timeshare, they can help you with the process. But, if you are not interested, DO NOT get on the van when they tell you that you are going on a tour of the resort. They’ll drop you off right at the “big white building” (customer service ).

It is hard to get bored on the resort. I had the pleasure to enjoy this location two years in a row. I really find it hard to believe that this visit will be my last.

…Until our Next Outing…Smooches!

Sit Back, Enjoy, & Think Like a Man
May 11, 2012

On a quiet weekday afternoon, I went to the Essex Green, AMC Theatre( ), in West Orange, N.J. The hubby and I decided to see the “dine-in” matinée showing of “Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man”. The movie was very entertaining…My experience was good (not great).

If you don’t know how the dine-in theater works, I’ll briefly explain. The Cinema Suites, one of the two viewing styles in the dine-in theater experience, has a 21 and older requirement. You purchase your tickets and pick your seat(s) at the same time. If you wait too late, you’ll either (1) get horrible seating(up front) or (2) won’t get a seat at all. So you sit in these nice comfy recliners(Cinema Suites). There is a button that you push when you’re ready to order your drinks or food. Food prices are between $3- $15.  Towards the end of the movie the waitress brings out the bill. I enjoyed my visit.  But, I was a little irritated that my food was served on paper plates, instead of real plates.  According to a friend of mine that goes frequently, the food is usually served on real dishes. I’m confused. If I pay money for a movie like the people who get real dishes, I should get my dish…I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, I will attempt another visit in the near future.  But, I am NOT going to a matinee…Oh Yeah, the movie was great. I loved the cast and all…Well done.  The AMC Theaters also have a lounge (MacGuffins), where you can enjoy a quick happy hour. You can even rent out one of the theaters for a group viewing (Sweet).

…Until Our Next Outing…Smooches!

Cuttin’ up on the Barber’s Birthday
April 19, 2012

On a beautiful Saturday night in April, we celebrated the birthday of my husband’s barber(and close friend). It was a looonngg night…Ha!


The night started at Cafe Wha? ( ) in the Village.   After getting by the doorman you walk down the stairwell to the main floor(don’t fall).   It appears to be a basement like “intimate” atmosphere. You are in CLOSE proximity to everyone.   But, you soon forget about your seating arrangement when the band begins.   Everyone was up and dancing in the isles.   I had to dance with everyone I walked by, just to get to the bathroom. The house band (who is available for private events) played that night with a special guest who turned the place upside down.   Little to say there was not any skimping on the talent.   We had finger foods, beer, and sangria. The food was tasty…nothing extravagant though.   The beer was bottled…you can’t mess that up.   BUT, the sangria (…or kool-aid) left a lot to be desired.   Little to say, I won’t get it again.   Cafe Wha? is open 7 days a week. There is no cover on Wednesday and Sunday.

After Cafe Wha? we went to the Brandy Library( ) in the Tribecca section of NY.   It is a laid back lounge setting, with low lights and bottles of spirits lining the wall like library books.   I managed to snap a couple of pictures before the host informed me of the “no picture-taking” rule(oops).   There is a wealth of spirit information in this establishment.   You can order flights of various spirits or you can attend one of the classes that are offered in their “Spirit School”.   I ordered a Bostonian, which was very appealing to the Gin drinker in me.   I did not eat, but the birthday boy had an appetizer that’s like duck in blanket.   I wasn’t too adventurous that evening (or morning) to try it…But he liked it…and others may too.   The Brandy Library is available to host, and coordinate, private events. This establishment is a MUST DO, especially for brandy and cognac drinkers. Sorry.  Cigar smokers have to puff outside.

As we left the Brandy Library, we searched for a little dive bar, that we fell in love with some time ago.   We couldn’t find it, but we stumbled upon Bubby’s Tribecca ( ). Bubby’s is a restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   Bubby’s serves American fare of which many of “the recipes are handed down for generations…or stolen” (their words ,not mine). We weren’t very hungry, but a little snack with another drink didn’t hurt anyone.   I had an espresso martini. It was ENERGIZING!   The bartender, Josh, made a masterpiece and topped it off with some espresso beans.   It’s one of the best that I’ve had.   My friend had a chocolate chip cookie, that I just couldn’t stop talking about.   It was so sweet and it was the perfect complement to my martini.   According to the birthday boy, the cake that he had held its own award.   Bubby’s has locations in Brooklyn(Dumbo section) and in Tribecca.   Bubby’s Tribecca is open 24 hrs a day(12am on Monday).   It is a nice little compliment to the area.

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Super Sunday…The “Big Dance”
February 14, 2012

It’s been a week(and four days) since the Super Bowl…We ALL know how it ends (Sorry New England), but BOY did I have fun!

I joined the rest of the football community, & the band wagon fans, at Big Shots, in Iselin, NJ( ) and watched the last 2 teams in the NFL beat each other down for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I had a seat on the 3rd level, right past the D.J. If you stand on the stairs you have a good view of the Main Floor. I saw a sea of BLUE! The energy was BANANAS! (except when NE was winning…Ha!) The food was appetizing (yeah, there were appitizers…lol). Wings, Nachos, Pretzels, Fries & other finger foods passed back & forth. (I so wished that I was hungry…I didn’t eat much) BUT, I sure did sip on Grape Vox(my flavor of choice) Vodka, Tonic & Lime Juice…Yeah Buddy.

I’ve been going 2 Big Shots for some time now.  despite the one “snafu” with my reservations(which I never make…Ha!), I love watching the football games there.  Big Shots has numerous HDTVs throughout the bar.  The music and the people keep the energy high.  The bouncers keep the energy stable…lol  The security guy at the front door is really cool (…as long as you don’t start any trouble).  The bartenders are great and full of entertainment (Ryan & Jared are dynamite). If you are looking for a place to watch the football games(or any games) roll over to Big Shots…Just pray that you find a parking spot (wink wink).

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

The Journey on Ice…It was Magical
January 25, 2012

     I celebrated this past Martin Luther King Holiday with my family and friends…AND Minnie & Mickey!

I am the biggest kid. When the opportunity to see Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey at the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ( ), I was sooooo excited. I believe I was more excited than my 2-year-old son. In this fun-filled journey, “M & M” and the gang (Donald & Daisy Duck and Goofy) travel to the different locations of the world, where we come across Peter Pan(England), Lilo & Stitch(Hawaii), The Little Mermaid(Under the Sea), and the Lion King(Africa). The skaters did all types stunts, while the lights and pyrotechnics grabbed everyone out of their seats. The food was great( I had so much food) From the chicken fingers, to the pretzels and cookies, right down to the Chardonnay (Yes, I said Wine). The attendants were very pleasant and made the experience AWESOME!  The “journey” left Newark that day and will be going to cities like North Dakota, Illinois, & Pennsylvania during the next four months.

If you ever have a chance to visit the Prudential Center and one of their suites, you will not be disappointed (If your service is as good as mine was…).

Until our next outting…Smooches


Celebration at the Pourhouse
January 3, 2012

This past Friday, I arranged a birthday gathering for my husband.  My list was 35 people long, but about 15 of us celebrated his birthday at the Village Pourhouse, Hoboken, NJ( .  The Village Pourhouse opened in the summer of 2006.  The sports bar is one of four locations in Hoboken, the Upper West Side(NY), the Village(NY), and Restaurant Row(NY).  The full drink and beer menu makes you hungry for the great American fare, while you watch all types of sporting events on the numerous HD TVs.  The Village Pourhouse offers event planning and they have special events every night.  If you are the sports enthusiast, then venture to the Village Pourhouse for NFL Gridiron Sundays, Game Day Saturday, or change your speed with karaoke Night on Wednesdays.  There are four party rooms/areas to reserve for all types of social gatherings…So I decided to reserve the “Skybox” on December 23rd, 2011.

I began to plan this party 3/4/weeks in advance.  The event planners Emily and Natalie ( did a great job of crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s (You girls, Rock). Glenn (Manager) was very friendly and accomodating…Really Cool Dude.   My “light fare” included beer towers of Stella, Yuengling, and Blue Moon, pretzel crusted chicken tenders(mmm), buffalo wings(great), and spinach dip with pita bread and chips.  We even received quesadillas while we waited for the birthday boy.  The quesadillas disappeared as fast a Morgan(host) brought them out.  Morgan was the hostess with the mostest (Cheesey, I know, but she was really great with us).  Besides the beer, she knew exactly what everyone was drinking that night(Stoli Grape, Tonic, and Lime…Tastes like grape soda).  I did not get the DJ’s name that night(was feeling the libations when he came over…Ha!), but he covered EVERYTHING from the 80’s, 90’s, Top 40 , and Dance music.  We even did the WOBBLE (LLLLOOOVVVEE It!).  I left with a great workout under my belt.  We ended the night with a champagne toast and $50 gift card for the birthday boy, from the Village Pourhouse.  The night at the Village Pourhouse was casual, high-energy, night of good memories.  There isn’t anything that made me turn my nose up.  Everyone that we came across was there for the same thing…Great Beer, Drinks, Food , and Music…I will definitely be coming back.

Until our next outing…Smooches!