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Girls’ Weekend in Atlantic City (Part 1)
November 10, 2013

I thought that I’d return with an outing from my annual girls’ weekend to Atlantic City. Even though I live in NJ and take many trips to A.C., I volunteered the gambler’s play destination for an annual gathering with my college friends.

We stayed 2 days/ 3 nights at Bally’s Atlantic City ( . We had two rooms in the Dennis Tower, on the 9th floor. The beds were extremely comfortable. The room was clean with an ocean view and a refrigerator(filled with alcohol). This was not my 1st time staying there, but it was my 1st time having the inconveniece. On Friday, while getting ready to go out, the shower pressure was low. After an hour had passed, the shower was back to normal…and then the toilet stopped working (yes, it did). But after another hour and a fixed toilet, we were out the door…2 hours late. I must add that on the final morning of our stay the shower in the other room had to be fixed. So my friends left for PA…late. I will say that when we voiced our dissatisfsction, we were compensated.

Friday night we went to Dusk Nightclub ( in Caesar’s Atlantic City (…because it was late (I was a little salty). Dusk is a multi-level nightclub. The hotels were booked for the weekend, but this club was not filled to capacity. The dj played everything from top 40 to old school. I danced all night…indeed. The bathrooms had a sitting area (well needed for those killer heel wearers) and nicely lit vanities. I couldn’t deny myself of taking a couple of selfies. Dusk has been voted “Best Bottle Service in A.C.”. We enjoyed the luxury of V.I.P. thanks to the graciousness of two guys from the Bronx. V.I.P. service was good, but the prices are equivalent (or more) than some places in NYC. If it was my money and I had to take it or leave it…I would leave it in a hot minute. It has to be a HELLA “turnt up” weekend…I’m just saying.

…Until Part 2…Smooches!


Pack Your Bags! Let’s Go to D.R.! (Part 2)
June 8, 2012

When we didn’t soak up the sand at Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Resort ( we ventured into Sosua, a small town in Puerto Plata. We had a driver that knew the town well and set us up on a beautiful part of the local beach. The food was amazing. We had shrimp(huge shrimp) and a whole fried fish. The fish was the size of a car dashboard(Really). I was sort of skeptical about eating a whole fish, but BOY it was definitely something I got over. There were all types of things to do on the beach from water sports to glass bottom boats. There are all types of things being sold; from food, hand-made crafts, and massages. Don’t get pressured into buying everything from everyone that walks up to up to you…you’ll go broke. I truly enjoyed the day off the resort.

After spending our days on the beach, we enjoyed the luxury of having a private pool. We had mini pool parties until we tired ourselves out. A short nap, shower, and cocktail and it was time for dinner. The resort had a number of restaurants, which we were given the privilege to eat in. Every night we had a three course meal. The 1st night the entire traveling party ate together at a restaurant. Unfortunately the name of the restaurant escapes me. It was very good and the wait staff was very accommodating to our party. Even when our dining party did not want to leave, the dining room remained open. The 2nd night there was a big show and bbq, on the beach, to welcome the returning guests. The food would’ve been better if it didn’t get cold before you got back to your table…But the champagne stayed cold! On Monday night, the people in our villa went to Jazz( Cajun fare). Thank God we had the print out of our dinner reservations because, they had us down for an earlier reservation. After their “boo boos” were corrected, we enjoyed our dinner. The lights were low and since the service was sooo spread out, our party started to doze. Was it the flowing cocktails?(IDK)…but dinner was great. Tuesday we had dinner at Azul (Seafood). The clean lines and ceiling to floor windows were beautiful. The highlight of dinner was the LAVA CAKE! (OMG) I could’ve had 4. Be sure to take pictures on the balcony.  The view of the mountains are memorable.  Wednesday night was the private BBQ at the villa. The pork, beef, shrimp, & lobster was on freakin’ point. Even though I was getting sick(yes…sick), I was still stuffing my face…Ha!

The Lifestyles Holiday Vacation Resort had everything from spas& gyms to night clubs& bars and watersports. I indulged in a massage one morning. It wasn’t as good as the many I’ve had. But the masseuse did get a kink out of my neck, that I woke up with. If you are interested in purchasing timeshare, they can help you with the process. But, if you are not interested, DO NOT get on the van when they tell you that you are going on a tour of the resort. They’ll drop you off right at the “big white building” (customer service ).

It is hard to get bored on the resort. I had the pleasure to enjoy this location two years in a row. I really find it hard to believe that this visit will be my last.

…Until our Next Outing…Smooches!

Pack Your Bags! Let’s Go to D.R.!(Part One)
May 18, 2012

I took my husband to D.R. for his birthday this past April.  The weather wasn’t as great as my first visit, but it was good enough for the 20 of us that went.  Our hostess (w/the mostest…Ha!) is an owner at the Lifestyles Vacation Resort in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  She is a gold member(1 tier below the highest tier), so our service was IMPECABLE (Nuff Said).

So we were on our way to the resort in the limo that they send (our party was so big…the men rode in the van) and the people in our party don’t consume 2, 4, or 6 bottles of champagne…THEY DRANK 7!  Francesco, our driver was WELL prepared.  We took the long route through town with a view of the beach… I was too excited for the week ahead of me.

After we got to Lifestyles, a gated resort, we went through all of the check-in formalities. You are given your bands (gold), which serves as your temporary jewelry during your stay.  You can’t do ANYTHING without that band.  Believe me they check (color & all).  While we waited we started our vacation with drinks and food in the Sports Bar.  The chicken wings are so tasty when they are fresh.  Being at an all-inclusive resort, you only worry about tipping, which is rather reasonable.  The money over there is .36 to the U.S. dollar.

We finally got into our villa, which was a 3bdr, 3.5bth, full kitchen(stocked with alcohol, water, and fruit), living room, indoor dining room, outdoor dining room and personal pool and lounge area. I love the living quarters, but the lighting was horrible.  The television service isn’t the best either.  Thank God that I didn’t plan on watching much television.  If you are lucky you even get a DVD player.  Our transportation(golf cart) arrived as we got settled in.  Cars are NOT needed on this resort (if you have a villa). They’re very fun to drive, but try not to crash…and NO DUIs PLEASE…LOL.(I was so guilty) Every morning the maid(Maria) made breakfast for the people in our villa.  If you have any special requests, they will try their hardest to accommodate you.  The pool guy came to clean the pool everyday, while we were at the beach.  This was only the BEGINNING of the service that was given.

Everyday we, as gold members(I keep mentioning the color, because it matters) have a choice of 3 beaches: V.I.P. Beach(Miami like…), Harmony Beach (Very Zen like…), and Serenity Beach(must I say more…Peace & Quiet). De’ja View Beach is right next(literally) to Serenity Beach, but it’s only for Shareholders.  Not much different from Serenity Beach. You must have a gold band to get onto Serenity Beach.  I’ve seen a number of people escorted off of the beach with “colored” bands.  After you choose which beach you want to enjoy, you choose your bed , swing, or cabana, to lounge in for the day; it is on then you can enjoy the sun and sights on the beach.  You MUST get out early or you will wait hours for someone to leave.  The food & drinks leave me hard to find a complaint.  The wait staff was more than willing to serve, especially if your tipping is on point (acceptable).  We even had one waiter try to come over and take our original waiter’s patrons(so wrong). The water was very rocky and the view was amazing.  I laid on Serenity Beach 3 out of 4 days and read my book (Fifty Shades Freed) and listened to music…And drank tequilla, tequilla, and more tequilla…lol

…Until Pt. 2…Smooches!

Founder’s Day Weekend…The “Red” Celebrates with the Ladies of the “Blue Family”
January 17, 2012

This weekend I joined my college friends for a celebratory weekend.  It was also the weekend of my sorority’s, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. ( ), 99th Founder’s Day.  Instead of joining the rest of my sorors, I supported my longtime friend, who is a Zeta, and attended her sorority’s event.

I arrived on a Friday, the 13th (Ha!), at the Towneplace Suites, Chesapeake, VA( ).  My girlfriend from NJ had two adjoining studio suites.  For only two people, it was more than enough room.  The room was clean, with comfortable beds, a full kitchen (one for each room), and flat screen televisions.  The property also has an outdoor pool and a small fitness room.  The website made it appear larger, with mirrors in the room.  The studio, 1, or 2 bedroom suites begin at a nightly rate of $75 a night.  The staffs were all friendly and accommodating, despite not being able to provide a door stopper for the middle doors (…but we improvised).  I would return to this property again.

Saturday morning my group of friends enjoyed “in-room” massages provided by Majestic Massages by Samuel (757)372-3010.  We all were treated to an introductory 30 minute massage.  I had a Deep Tissue Massage.  Man, I wish that I had more time.  It was a GREAT way to relax before the event.  “Sam” offers various types of massages along with “Candling”.  Candling  is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. If you are ever in Virginia, check him out.  He is very knowledgable of his craft.  He is also open to traveling for events.

Before the event we had our pictures taken by the Picture People ( ) in the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA.  They do photography for children, couples, families, and other groups.  We had a basic black background due to our varying skins tones and dress choices.  They offer different promotions and packages to chose from.  Courtney was our photographer that evening.  She was extremely creative with our poses and pleasant with her service.  Ask for Courtney whenever you chose this location for your photography needs.

On the evening of January 14th, my girlfriends and I attended the Blue and White Ball.  The event was hosted by the Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc.- Chi Omicron Zeta Chapter( ).  The event took place at the Chesapeake Conference Center (  The dinner included salad (2 choices of dressing), chicken with stuffing, some type of flavored rice(a great compliment to the chicken), green beans, and caramel apple pie or cheese cake with strawberry topping.  There was also unsweetened ice tea and a cash bar to wet your whistle.  The music was provided by DJ Precise.  He did a good job catering to the different age levels that attended the function.  I definitely enjoyed the evening with the Ladies of Chi Omicron Zeta.  They hosted a beautiful event on the weekend of their Founder’s Day.  Thank You, for the Southern Comfort.

…Until our next Outting…Smooches!

Just the Beginning…
December 7, 2011

As a young woman from NJ, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.  I love dining out, traveling, sports, and nightlife.  As a mother, I also find great joy in kid oriented activities. When I receive quality service during my outings , I don’t waste any time telling someone about it. ..And so begins my journey with “Out with Ang”…Hope everyone enjoys coming “out” with me…Smooches!