Who is “Ang”?

As a close friend I have been asked to write the biography of the wonderful writer of this blog. As a blogger myself I understand how important it is to make sure that your readers understand where you are coming from. So without further ado here is some fun-filled facts about the woman behind “Out with Ang”.

Angela Spann born Angela Johnson way back in the 70s. Okay well it was not that long ago, I just like to make her sound old. She was born in Orange NJ and attended the elementary school at Sacred Heart Elementary in Newark, NJ. She then attended an all girls high school named Marylawn of the Oranges. That must have been a fun experience. She graduated from college with a B.A from Cheyney University located in Cheyney, PA. While at college she became a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She also attended Real Estate School and Bartending School because she is a hustler and understands that you need to have more options than just what a B.A. gives you.

Angela has been very active throughout her life. She participated in tennis, track, and softball during high school. She even participated in cheerleading from elementary school all the way through college and even cheered for N.J. Red Dogs and N.J. Gladiators which are arena football teams. Yes she was one of those girls.

Angela has had the chance to work in the food industry as a bartender and waitress and now currently works with the Department of Human Services in the Quality Assurance department. She understands the stress we are all under at our jobs and enjoys sharing her knowledge of places that we can all go to and relax.

 Also something else to know about Angela is that she has been married for seven years and has a son that is as adventurous and charismatic as his mother.

The main thing that you should take away from this biography is that Angela has a wealth of knowledge about places you can go whether it is for a night out with the girls, to a family dining experience, to the best places to travel. She truly is the epitome of an avid traveler whether it is local or a passport required place.

I hope that you have enjoyed this biography and will continue to enjoy reading the blog, “Out with Ang”.


~ Victoria M. White, MA 



4 Responses

  1. This is a well a written blog one that I truly enjoyed. Thanks Angela for sending me the link to your blog. I will come back often. Travel Genie Ken of Dreams Come True Travel.

    • Thank you, for visiting. I welcome your feedback in the future. If you have any recommendations on intering locations, please let me know.

    • Good Afternoon. Were you able to view the post about Puerta Plata?

  2. No, I was not able to view the blog on Puerta Plata.

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