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Imagine That!…It’s a Party!
July 3, 2012

My son’s friend at school was turning 4, and invited him to a birthday party at Imagine That: A New Jersey Children’s Museum in Florham Park, NJ ( ). This was an extremely fun morning for him (Yes…10am).

After I made a boo boo and directed us to the old location, we finally got to the museum at 10:45am. All of the food and singing was done and the kids were set loose (like bats out of a cave) to explore the museum. My son hit the ground runnin’. There was a VW Beetle, airplane, & a Firetruck that gave great photo ops. There were different sections dedicated to service occupations. There was a dentist office, post office and a supermarket (with the check out line). There was a section just for the little ballerinas and a castle for the knights in training(so cute). There was a music room, arts & crafts section, and trains. My son stationed himself in the area that held the jungle gym. I was exhausted myself, when it was time to go…and I did NOTHING but sit the entire time (lol).

Imagine That is open 7days a week. Admission is $9.95 (ages 1 & up). Adults are $7.95. The museum is open to hosting birthday parties. There are a number of packages (with add-ons) to suit your child’s needs and wants. Be sure to catch the Ice Cream Sundae, Princess, or Super Hero events that take place throughout the year.

…Until Our Next Outing…Smooches!


Super Sunday…The “Big Dance”
February 14, 2012

It’s been a week(and four days) since the Super Bowl…We ALL know how it ends (Sorry New England), but BOY did I have fun!

I joined the rest of the football community, & the band wagon fans, at Big Shots, in Iselin, NJ( ) and watched the last 2 teams in the NFL beat each other down for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I had a seat on the 3rd level, right past the D.J. If you stand on the stairs you have a good view of the Main Floor. I saw a sea of BLUE! The energy was BANANAS! (except when NE was winning…Ha!) The food was appetizing (yeah, there were appitizers…lol). Wings, Nachos, Pretzels, Fries & other finger foods passed back & forth. (I so wished that I was hungry…I didn’t eat much) BUT, I sure did sip on Grape Vox(my flavor of choice) Vodka, Tonic & Lime Juice…Yeah Buddy.

I’ve been going 2 Big Shots for some time now.  despite the one “snafu” with my reservations(which I never make…Ha!), I love watching the football games there.  Big Shots has numerous HDTVs throughout the bar.  The music and the people keep the energy high.  The bouncers keep the energy stable…lol  The security guy at the front door is really cool (…as long as you don’t start any trouble).  The bartenders are great and full of entertainment (Ryan & Jared are dynamite). If you are looking for a place to watch the football games(or any games) roll over to Big Shots…Just pray that you find a parking spot (wink wink).

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

The Fox and Hound…And Saturday Fight Night
February 2, 2012

Saturday night, I went to have a quick bite to eat with my husband. I’ve been here a couple of times before. It just so happened that the Fox and Hound Pub & Grill in Edison, NJ (  was showing the UFC fight that night (Saturday Fight Night, is what they call it there).

We walked into the sports bar and made a full circle (front to back) before we found a table(for 2) in the side room. There were plenty of t.v.’s (large & larger…lol) to see the main event of the evening. The waitress(totally forgot her name-but her service was in fact good) was very helpful in recommending my drink(…pomegranate Stoli & Tonic w/Lime- Sat. Night Special $4) for the evening.  She also was knowledgable of the drafts that they had.  We ordered buffalo wings, bacon cheeseburger, and a turkey melt.  Oh Boy, did it hit the spot.  It was so good, that I was close to ending my evening and going home to get in the bed (Stuffed like a pretty turkey…Ha!).  The one complaint that I had was that our wings went to another table and all our food came out at one time (2 complaints…I lied). But, that won’t change my idea for future visits…I WILL be back.

Fox and Hound has a line of “The Best Party in Town” (which showed by the crowed establishment). There are different events on certain nights.  There is also the All Star Brew Club (reward program for beer fans- ) and other food & drink promotions to make sure patrons return.  Fox and Hound have locations all over the U.S. (from New Jersey to Ohio to Arizona). So when you are looking for a place to meet friends, eat, socialize, visit Fox and Hound.

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Founder’s Day Weekend…The “Red” Celebrates with the Ladies of the “Blue Family”
January 17, 2012

This weekend I joined my college friends for a celebratory weekend.  It was also the weekend of my sorority’s, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. ( ), 99th Founder’s Day.  Instead of joining the rest of my sorors, I supported my longtime friend, who is a Zeta, and attended her sorority’s event.

I arrived on a Friday, the 13th (Ha!), at the Towneplace Suites, Chesapeake, VA( ).  My girlfriend from NJ had two adjoining studio suites.  For only two people, it was more than enough room.  The room was clean, with comfortable beds, a full kitchen (one for each room), and flat screen televisions.  The property also has an outdoor pool and a small fitness room.  The website made it appear larger, with mirrors in the room.  The studio, 1, or 2 bedroom suites begin at a nightly rate of $75 a night.  The staffs were all friendly and accommodating, despite not being able to provide a door stopper for the middle doors (…but we improvised).  I would return to this property again.

Saturday morning my group of friends enjoyed “in-room” massages provided by Majestic Massages by Samuel (757)372-3010.  We all were treated to an introductory 30 minute massage.  I had a Deep Tissue Massage.  Man, I wish that I had more time.  It was a GREAT way to relax before the event.  “Sam” offers various types of massages along with “Candling”.  Candling  is an alternative medicine practice claimed to improve general health and well-being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. If you are ever in Virginia, check him out.  He is very knowledgable of his craft.  He is also open to traveling for events.

Before the event we had our pictures taken by the Picture People ( ) in the Greenbrier Mall in Chesapeake, VA.  They do photography for children, couples, families, and other groups.  We had a basic black background due to our varying skins tones and dress choices.  They offer different promotions and packages to chose from.  Courtney was our photographer that evening.  She was extremely creative with our poses and pleasant with her service.  Ask for Courtney whenever you chose this location for your photography needs.

On the evening of January 14th, my girlfriends and I attended the Blue and White Ball.  The event was hosted by the Ladies of Zeta Phi Beta, Inc.- Chi Omicron Zeta Chapter( ).  The event took place at the Chesapeake Conference Center (  The dinner included salad (2 choices of dressing), chicken with stuffing, some type of flavored rice(a great compliment to the chicken), green beans, and caramel apple pie or cheese cake with strawberry topping.  There was also unsweetened ice tea and a cash bar to wet your whistle.  The music was provided by DJ Precise.  He did a good job catering to the different age levels that attended the function.  I definitely enjoyed the evening with the Ladies of Chi Omicron Zeta.  They hosted a beautiful event on the weekend of their Founder’s Day.  Thank You, for the Southern Comfort.

…Until our next Outting…Smooches!

“Real Bags…Real Results”
December 9, 2011

Tonight, was a regular night for me…For the last two and a half years I have been a member of CKO Kickboxing, Bayonne, NJ.  When you walk through the door you scan your “tag” for a SERIOUS butt kicking.  There are no men’s or women’s classes.  Won’t even find a beginner or intermediate classes.  Everyone is working towards the same goal…TO GET RESULTS.  This is not cardio kickboxing.  You are performing various punches and kicks on a bag, that will hit you back if you don’t pay attention.  You also perform planks, squats, push ups, dips, jumping jacks, etc.  This is not for the faint at heart.  Bring your “can do” attitude and leave your “I think I can” attitude at the door.  In an hour you can burn up to 800 calories…Yep, 800 calories (that burger and fries at lunch…and the DIET COKE). CKO Kickboxing offers trial classes.  All you have to do is visit their website at and schedule a time to visit.  It is cold out…the prime time to get that summer body.  Who waits for the summer, to get a SUMMER BODY?(smdh) CKO Kickboxing is offering 15% Holiday Madness Special.  Jump on it…or in other words come and get GET ADDICTED…I am.

Oh yeah, I just need to shout out Tak, Jessie, Sandy, Carmen, Chris, and Larissa.  You guys are awesome!!!(spirit fingers…lol)

Anyway…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Just the Beginning…
December 7, 2011

As a young woman from NJ, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.  I love dining out, traveling, sports, and nightlife.  As a mother, I also find great joy in kid oriented activities. When I receive quality service during my outings , I don’t waste any time telling someone about it. ..And so begins my journey with “Out with Ang”…Hope everyone enjoys coming “out” with me…Smooches!