Girls’ Weekend in Atlantic City (Part 2)

Day two of our “Girl’s Weekend” started with brunch at the new Caesars buffet in the Caesars Hotel and Casino ( We had mimosas, shrimp, london broil, waffles, and everything else you could possibly want…but no crab legs (Boo). The dining room was bright and the service was extremely pleasant. I left extra pleasant 🙂



After brunch we took a ride out to Egg Harbor, NJ to Renault Winery Resort & Golf ( Renault offers a variety of rooms to host social & business events. Renault has both gourmet and casual dining restaurants. The Tuscany House Hotel offers a wide variety of amenities to anyone who visits the winery or the surrounding area. You can even reserve a tee time (for my avid golfers). We decided to take a tour of the winery. The tour guide gave us background history on the founder and the winery. Then we were shown the facility and where the wine is made. Last (the best part) we were taken to the tasting room to sample a few of their signature wines, which are also for purchase in the shop. The shop is where we ended our tour…of course. The tour guides are very helpful and informative. If you are in the South Jersey area schedule a tour of Renault and find out why they are the only N.J. winery able to call their sparkling wine “champagne”.


That night, after some heavy drinking, we went to Dos Caminos Mexican Restaurant ( in the Harrah’s Hotel and Casino ( We had a 9pm reservation (my fault on the late dining). We were a little late but, we were seated only 15 minutes after arrival. The atmosphere was very loud from the many large parties. The restaurant appears to be trendy and upbeat. If you have a headache, like someone in our party, I would cancel my reservation for the night…lol. Our party of five was seated in a section that was tight and cramped. There were two other parties in that area. I have an energetic circle of friends, but these two parties made us irritated. Despite our surroundings, all of us (except for one) enjoyed our food. We had guacamole (made fresh to order) and a pitcher of margaritas. I had enchiladas which were very tasty. We ended dinner with a round of “pity shots” since we clearly looked like we didn’t enjoy the whole experience. But, as a matter of fact I would return again. The entire experience was not THAT bad. The bar area is very inviting. I may just indulge in a few drinks and appetizers, next time. Dos Caminos also have four locations in New York and one in Florida. The A.C. location has Happy Hour, during the week, with a dj. The price for a meal is reasonable for a casino restaurant. Based on the “$” system, it would be $$.

The entire weekend had its ups and downs, but we ALWAYS found the rainbow in the cloud. I got some rest, recreation, and wreaked havoc on A.C. …Totally enjoyed myself.


Until our next outing…Smooches!


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