Aries on the Water…

March 27, 2012 - 2 Responses

On a nice Saturday in March, I went to a birthday party for a family friend on the Jersey City waterfront. I enjoy the parties that are promoted by these groups ( & )so on Saturday I went to the Aries Affair at Michael Anthony’s in Jersey City, NJ.

The night started off slow (…at 10pm) because there was an entertainer, still performing b/c his performance started late (blame it on bad equipment, I guess).  But, soon as he was done (…after 11pm) the party STARTED. The music pumped in both areas of the restaurants (packed w/ eye candy for the men & women).  The D.J.s were well prepared for this crowd.  I had no complaints at all.  Ok…maybe I could complain about the line for the bathroom…but I won’t (It didn’t really matter that much). I danced & danced & danced…Got It?  The bartenders were working overtime.  The drinks were FLOWING and the food was fingerlicking good (So I heard…lol).  I did not eat (…next time…Yes, I will be back).  I sipped on Moscato and Knobb Creek Whiskey throughout the night (Yes…no Stoli that night…Ha!). There were V.I.P. areas available.  But, who would wanted to be cooped up when the dance floor was the “hotspot”?  At the end of the night I was a bit salty that we had to walk to the parking deck across the street. BUT I was thankful that I paid for parking before the ticket machine started to malfunction…Ha!

My night was VERY entertaining. My feet were so sore and my body thought we went to the gym…Move over Zumba!  Michael Anthony’s is a beautiful place to go to on a glorious day. You can eat outside on the water and soak up some sun.  The restaurant is available for brunch, lunch, & dinner.  Michael Anthony’s can also be reserved for private functions.  So you can host your own event and customize a gathering YOUR way.  I will not hesitate to attend another event at this location…and you shouldn’t either.

…Until our next outing…Smooches!



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My parents celebrated their wedding anniversary on March 2nd (Yaay, to black love…just love in general…ha!)…Anyway, since we couldn’t go out that weekend, we finally had lunch/dinner on a Saturday at Jose Tejas, Fairfield, NJ ( ).

Jose Tejas specializes in Tex Mex/ Cajun eats.  The food is AWESOME!  From start to finish, all you heard from me was “Mmm…mmm”.  My margarita was refreshing (Muy Bueno).  I had gumbo, empanadas, enchiladas, jambalaya…AND the CORNBREAD! My husband loves it so much that he refuses to share…smdh. My father had the blackened catfish fajitas (…or fageetas, if your my dad…lol). It must have been really good because my husband kept sampling it. Move over Chevy’s, it looks like my parents got a new place…and I will definitely be tagging along on the return trip…& you should too!

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Hangin’ in Harlem…

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Since our plans were rearranged, when a certain restaurant/bar on 26th in NY(starts with an A) was closed due to a private function(without  notice), we moved our after work gathering to Harlem…My girlfriends and I enjoyed a small bite to eat (and drinks) at the Harlem Tavern, Harlem,NY( ). 

The restaurant & beer garden is rather new to the Harlem community.  When you walk through the doors you are greeted by a social atmosphere. Seating is in abundance, but everyone (even me on my 1st visit) gravitate to the back of the establishment.  And there in all it’s glory… is the BAR!. People can grab a seat at the bar, one of the long “communal” high tables or at one of the booths that graze the brick finished wall.  During the nicer weather you can enjoy the outdoor patio.  Harlem Tavern is open ’til 4am daily.   There is live music on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and live jazz on Saturdays.


I had so much fun with my girlfriends. We kept the bartender, Steve, busy with photography (as if he wasn’t working behind the bar…Ha!).   He was very accommodating & knowledgable about the libations he served.  We snacked on appetizers but we didn’t get the full effect of the chef’s craft…So, another visit is in order.  There is a nice crowd that fills the Harlem Tavern and that is why I would go back .


…Until our next outing…Smooches!

St. Patrick’s Day Comes Early in Hoboken

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I went out with my husband and some friends this last Saturday to the movies and decided to ride to Hoboken afterwards. I totally forgot about the parade and bar hopping that takes place 2wks before St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure if the parade took place (… I saw barricades), but the parties were “a go”. There were people in green EVERYTHING walking all over Hoboken, limo buses, and police in full force. So, we decided to be Irish for the night.

After searching for parking (typical Hoboken) we went to the Dubliner, Hoboken, NJ( ). During the nice weather months the rooftop is the place to be…but we tend to migrate to the 2nd floor during the cold weather. Don’t expect crystal chandeliers, when you walk through the door.  You may even get stuck to the floor, from clumsy drinkers(…save your Sunday pumps, girls).  But the atmosphere is sooo inviting ( I promise you).   The Dubliner has a full food menu.  They also have drink specials everyday of the week.   The crowd there is always high on energy. The DJ, plays all of the top 40, pop, and  hip hop that you want to hear. I came in with a fresh hair do(…curls and all), but left looking like a wet dog (Woof). The bartenders keep your drinks full and may even buy you a drink, if they like you…Loooovvve It!  I drank Cherry Vodka, Tonic & Lime (If you’ve been following my blog, I believe that you can see the pattern). I even worked in two Blue Moons. We had so much fun that we didn’t even notice that it was time to go.  I would like to give a shout to the “Dancing Duo” Alex and Brian.  Watch out for them at a Hoboken bar/lounge near you!

I enjoyed the night out. We even had a “jam session” on the way to the car. We met Laura (she works at Teak, Hoboken, NJ…Go see her) and her cow bell. Yes, I said cow bell. Just envision a group of people making beats while this woman is in the middle of the circle banging on a COW BELL!! This guy passing by even stopped to join us…lol

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

She’s 8!…Happy Birthday to the Leap Year Baby

March 1, 2012 - 4 Responses

February 29th only comes around every four years(Boo Hoo)…So this year my friends and I celebrated the birthday of our friend/co-worker in NJ (not NY…where we initially started). After our many pow wows about our celebration plans, we decided on drinks, appetizers and karaoke.

After work we all went to the Stone House in Warren, NJ( .  Stone House is the sister location to the Liberty House (If you haven’t read that blog entry, please do …). They have great food but we decided to relax in the bar/lounge area for happy hour (…or Artisanal Pizza Wednesday). The ambiance was a relaxed candle lit situation with wood and stone worked in there. We were treated with a bottle of champagne for the occasion (Thanks again Mark). During happy hour they offer artisanal pizza (with and without meat). It is awesome. The flavors of the cheese & vegetables just dance over your tounge. We also had a artisanal cheese platter, with fruit, honey, and jam included. I decided to have one of the bartender’s(Ben) creations, a Dessert Rose. The Dessert Rose is made with jalapeno infused vodka, pomegranate and pineapple juices. If you are not the one for spiciness with your drink I don’t advise this drink. It may have a tendency to make the cartoon smoke come out of the ears of some people. The Stone House offers event planning and it is a beautiful setting for pictures.  Drop in for Tapas Thursdays.  It’s great.

After some photo ops, we made our way to Grille Stone Classic American Bar & Grille, Scotch Plains, NJ ( ). Wednesday night was  “Live Band Karaoke”.  I was skeptical about the band, but they were great.  All they needed was the Billboard top 40 songs (R&B, Pop… whatever). I don’t do karaoke, but my girlfriends do…And they made it work. I had so much fun watching them. I even had a dance break in between verses (Tina Turner flash back…Hair flinging and everything). There are drink specials during their weekly promotional events, like “Thirsty Thursday” and “Skyy Vodka Weekend”. I had a refreshing mojito…So good that I had two. Didn’t think it was wise to have more than two…especially when “someone” kept buying shots(Ha!). I had a beef quesadilla, while I drank. It wasn’t an “OMG” reaction when I ate it, but it was good. I’ll definitely get another one, in the future. My friend had a “Hot Johnny” burger…no bun. She said it was “fantastical”. The meat was flavorful, the Gouda cheese gave it a smoky taste, and the jalapeno gave it some heat. She had such an intimate moment with her burger, I have to try one next time…on a bun (lol). The whole night was very entertaining. Especially when the “Little Devils” performed. I’m definitely going back again. But, I do hope we get a different waiter. He had no personality and he was very short with his conversation. But he is just one non-factor in my experience. I loved the establishment and I advise anyone who enjoys good food & drink to give Grill Stone a visit. They also have an outside area, where you can enjoy the atmosphere during the nice weather months.


…Until our next outing…Smooches!




Denzel, Pizza, & Beer…

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The Saturday before last (yes, two weekends ago), my husband and I went out with some friends. Since we weren’t able to get tickets for the dine-in theater (Oh Poo), we saw Safe House, with Denzel Washington at the Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas in Edgewater, NJ ( ).  Safe House was a thriller right from the beginning.  My friend laughed at me because I flinched so much. I recommend this movie for you “thrill seekers” out there.  Before we left, I had to snap a picture of the coming attraction, Dr. Seuss’  The Lorax.  The movie is about an industrialized society and the danger it poses to the environment.  It comes out on March 2, in 3D.  I enjoyed the Edgewater Multiplex.  The service was good,  food was fresh, and seats were comfortable.

After the movie we went up the road to Brooklyn’s Brick Oven Pizzeria (201. 945.9096).  Brooklyn’s is a restaurant famous for their pizza, but offers a full menu.  Plastic does not work for this spot, because they only accept cash.  The entrees are reasonably priced (about $11-16), which is good for the night of a “traveling party”.  Our party had 2 pies (1 for the meat eaters and 1 for the “wannabe”vegans…lol).  There were no complaints…So off we moved to our next location.

We ended the night in downtown Jersey City at the the Zeppelin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten ( ). Zeppelin Hall was named out of dedication to count Von Zeppelin, the inventor of the rigid airship (the Hindenburg tragedy always come to mind…sorry). The biergarten or “beer garden” offers 144 different beers on tap and a full menu, which includes specialty sausages, burgers and salads (unh hunh…to bad we ate already). Zeppelin Hall is a large establishment with an out-door space for beautiful days.  There are 30 foot long tables throughout the restaurant , which allows large parties to relax and socialize.  Our party had three pitchers of beer (Magner’s Cider, Sam Adams-Cherry Wheat, & Guinness).  It was rather loud, because of the live band, that’s usually there on Saturdays.  Don’t expect an intimate environment.  We had fun as a group.  We were able to be as boisterous as we wanted.  It was a great relaxed setting.  Stop in for Karaoke, Classic Rock Fridays, or even Sports Sunday…Cheers!

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Let’s Eat, With the Birthday Girl

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We ended the birthday weekend on February 12th( my girlfriend’s actual birthday) with dinner at In Napoli, Fort Lee, NJ( ). She had a great group of family and friends in her circle for the day.

We arrived fashionably late (lol)., but the establishment was accommodating (it wasn’t very crowed…YET).  In Napoli is a restaurant specializing in “Fine Southern Italian Cuisine”.  They’ve been opened since 1984.  In Napoli offers offsite catering and on-site banquet services for 140 people.   The restaurant has a bar where you can catch numerous televised events.  We sat in the back of the restaurant, but the dining room was very open.  The conversation flowed throughout the table (except when the entrees came…Of Course).

The entrees varied from Shrimp, Fish, Steak, and Pizza (for my son). I had a crab cake that was definitely crab…very little breading.  My steak was sooo good. It was encrusted with parmesan cheese (“Yum O”…lol). My drink (yessir) was an aromatic Italian Espresso Martini. The evening ended with CAKE, CAKE, CAKE…so good(thanks “mommy!).

I would love to return to In Napoli again. There are an array of things, on the menu, to pick from.  They offer lunch and dinner daily.  Definitely stop by for a bite to eat…U won’t regret it…at all.

…Until our next outing…Smooches!


Playtime at the Bleu Violin…

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Last Saturday we celebrated my close friend’s birthday at a number of places, but we spent most of the night at the Bleu Violin,NY,NY( ).

When we walked through the door of the South Harlem bar/lounge and it appeared that we got there somewhat early. There wasn’t anyone dancing (or even standing) on the floor. The decor reminded me of the former 40/40 Club.  All of the seating said “Reserved”, but the person in charge said that we could park our “traveling party” at one of the tables until the scheduled party comes. There was a mandatory coat check($3), but when it began to get crowded, it seemed as if it wasn’t so MANDATORY any longer.

But, Oh well…The d.j. took us on a musical ride through the years. It got really hot quick from dancing (I danced in my seat), despite the draft from the door opening and closing. There wasn’t any more Moscato, so my group sipped on Reisling and Patron Margaritas. The prices for each drink were reasonable for NY ($10).

The crowd was inviting.  But, it wasn’t a big dancing crowd that night. There were more people (guys) standing and looking at the merchandise(women) then there were dancing. By the time the place got crowded it was almost 2am.(time to leave).

I must say that I would return to the Blu Violin again. There were no problems of any kind, while we were there. It was a “Grown & Sexy” atmosphere and the music didn’t put you to sleep (or pursuaded you to start a fight…Ha!). When you want to enjoy a night in Harlem, stop by the Bleu Violin…But leave your coat in the car (lol).

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Super Sunday…The “Big Dance”

February 14, 2012 - One Response

It’s been a week(and four days) since the Super Bowl…We ALL know how it ends (Sorry New England), but BOY did I have fun!

I joined the rest of the football community, & the band wagon fans, at Big Shots, in Iselin, NJ( ) and watched the last 2 teams in the NFL beat each other down for the Vince Lombardi Trophy. I had a seat on the 3rd level, right past the D.J. If you stand on the stairs you have a good view of the Main Floor. I saw a sea of BLUE! The energy was BANANAS! (except when NE was winning…Ha!) The food was appetizing (yeah, there were appitizers…lol). Wings, Nachos, Pretzels, Fries & other finger foods passed back & forth. (I so wished that I was hungry…I didn’t eat much) BUT, I sure did sip on Grape Vox(my flavor of choice) Vodka, Tonic & Lime Juice…Yeah Buddy.

I’ve been going 2 Big Shots for some time now.  despite the one “snafu” with my reservations(which I never make…Ha!), I love watching the football games there.  Big Shots has numerous HDTVs throughout the bar.  The music and the people keep the energy high.  The bouncers keep the energy stable…lol  The security guy at the front door is really cool (…as long as you don’t start any trouble).  The bartenders are great and full of entertainment (Ryan & Jared are dynamite). If you are looking for a place to watch the football games(or any games) roll over to Big Shots…Just pray that you find a parking spot (wink wink).

…Until our next outing…Smooches!

Dinner, Drinks & Dancing at Delta’s

February 4, 2012 - Leave a Response

After watching the UFC fight, on Saturday night, my husband and I met friends at Delta’s Restaurant, New Brunswick, NJ. Despite the intent to eat dinner, I only anticipated drinks and dancing.  I’ve eaten at Delta’s numerous times, since it’s opening. And every time(after my first 2-3 visits) the food hasn’t WOWed me. Don’t get me wrong the food is very good, but it reminds me of dinner at home. If I have to pay for “Southern Cuisine” it should have that “something” that makes it different from “Home Cooking”

…Anyway. I drank an Urban Riesling and beer the entire night. But, Delta’s has GREAT martinis. I have become extremely fond of the Cherry Bomb and Rockstar. They have a complete list of Specialty Martinis that anyone will almost always find something that’ll make your mouth water (unless you are not a drinker…lol).

Even though there is music playing throughout the night, the party starts at 11:30pm. Delta’s has guest D.J.’s spinning all of the music that gets you out of your seat. The d.j. that night played Hip Hop, R&B, House, and Classics. I had a nice hairstyle at the beginning of the night. But, I had to pull it back after I started to sweat like I ran a couple of miles(Eww). I wished the restaurant stayed open later, but it is in N.J. …So my party was ended around 2am.

Delta’s has events throughout the week. This Valentine’s holiday they are promoting the “Week of Love”.  Throughout the week there are events such as the Singles Mixer and the Valentine’s Party(Not Valentine’s Day Party).  You can go to the website for details.  Delta’s has two locations in NJ and NC.  So if you are in the mood for Great drinks and “Home Cooking” visit Delta’s.

Until our next outing…Smooches!