Playtime at the Bleu Violin…

Last Saturday we celebrated my close friend’s birthday at a number of places, but we spent most of the night at the Bleu Violin,NY,NY( ).

When we walked through the door of the South Harlem bar/lounge and it appeared that we got there somewhat early. There wasn’t anyone dancing (or even standing) on the floor. The decor reminded me of the former 40/40 Club.  All of the seating said “Reserved”, but the person in charge said that we could park our “traveling party” at one of the tables until the scheduled party comes. There was a mandatory coat check($3), but when it began to get crowded, it seemed as if it wasn’t so MANDATORY any longer.

But, Oh well…The d.j. took us on a musical ride through the years. It got really hot quick from dancing (I danced in my seat), despite the draft from the door opening and closing. There wasn’t any more Moscato, so my group sipped on Reisling and Patron Margaritas. The prices for each drink were reasonable for NY ($10).

The crowd was inviting.  But, it wasn’t a big dancing crowd that night. There were more people (guys) standing and looking at the merchandise(women) then there were dancing. By the time the place got crowded it was almost 2am.(time to leave).

I must say that I would return to the Blu Violin again. There were no problems of any kind, while we were there. It was a “Grown & Sexy” atmosphere and the music didn’t put you to sleep (or pursuaded you to start a fight…Ha!). When you want to enjoy a night in Harlem, stop by the Bleu Violin…But leave your coat in the car (lol).

…Until our next outing…Smooches!


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