Dinner, Drinks & Dancing at Delta’s

After watching the UFC fight, on Saturday night, my husband and I met friends at Delta’s Restaurant, New Brunswick, NJ. Despite the intent to eat dinner, I only anticipated drinks and dancing.  I’ve eaten at Delta’s numerous times, since it’s opening. And every time(after my first 2-3 visits) the food hasn’t WOWed me. Don’t get me wrong the food is very good, but it reminds me of dinner at home. If I have to pay for “Southern Cuisine” it should have that “something” that makes it different from “Home Cooking”

…Anyway. I drank an Urban Riesling and beer the entire night. But, Delta’s has GREAT martinis. I have become extremely fond of the Cherry Bomb and Rockstar. They have a complete list of Specialty Martinis that anyone will almost always find something that’ll make your mouth water (unless you are not a drinker…lol).

Even though there is music playing throughout the night, the party starts at 11:30pm. Delta’s has guest D.J.’s spinning all of the music that gets you out of your seat. The d.j. that night played Hip Hop, R&B, House, and Classics. I had a nice hairstyle at the beginning of the night. But, I had to pull it back after I started to sweat like I ran a couple of miles(Eww). I wished the restaurant stayed open later, but it is in N.J. …So my party was ended around 2am.

Delta’s has events throughout the week. This Valentine’s holiday they are promoting the “Week of Love”.  Throughout the week there are events such as the Singles Mixer and the Valentine’s Party(Not Valentine’s Day Party).  You can go to the website for details.  Delta’s has two locations in NJ and NC.  So if you are in the mood for Great drinks and “Home Cooking” visit Delta’s.

Until our next outing…Smooches!


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