The Journey on Ice…It was Magical

     I celebrated this past Martin Luther King Holiday with my family and friends…AND Minnie & Mickey!

I am the biggest kid. When the opportunity to see Mickey and Minnie’s Magical Journey at the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ( ), I was sooooo excited. I believe I was more excited than my 2-year-old son. In this fun-filled journey, “M & M” and the gang (Donald & Daisy Duck and Goofy) travel to the different locations of the world, where we come across Peter Pan(England), Lilo & Stitch(Hawaii), The Little Mermaid(Under the Sea), and the Lion King(Africa). The skaters did all types stunts, while the lights and pyrotechnics grabbed everyone out of their seats. The food was great( I had so much food) From the chicken fingers, to the pretzels and cookies, right down to the Chardonnay (Yes, I said Wine). The attendants were very pleasant and made the experience AWESOME!  The “journey” left Newark that day and will be going to cities like North Dakota, Illinois, & Pennsylvania during the next four months.

If you ever have a chance to visit the Prudential Center and one of their suites, you will not be disappointed (If your service is as good as mine was…).

Until our next outting…Smooches



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  1. Scotsman Ice Machine…

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