Celebration at the Pourhouse

This past Friday, I arranged a birthday gathering for my husband.  My list was 35 people long, but about 15 of us celebrated his birthday at the Village Pourhouse, Hoboken, NJ(www.hoboken.villagepourhouse.com) .  The Village Pourhouse opened in the summer of 2006.  The sports bar is one of four locations in Hoboken, the Upper West Side(NY), the Village(NY), and Restaurant Row(NY).  The full drink and beer menu makes you hungry for the great American fare, while you watch all types of sporting events on the numerous HD TVs.  The Village Pourhouse offers event planning and they have special events every night.  If you are the sports enthusiast, then venture to the Village Pourhouse for NFL Gridiron Sundays, Game Day Saturday, or change your speed with karaoke Night on Wednesdays.  There are four party rooms/areas to reserve for all types of social gatherings…So I decided to reserve the “Skybox” on December 23rd, 2011.

I began to plan this party 3/4/weeks in advance.  The event planners Emily and Natalie (@funbars.com) did a great job of crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s (You girls, Rock). Glenn (Manager) was very friendly and accomodating…Really Cool Dude.   My “light fare” included beer towers of Stella, Yuengling, and Blue Moon, pretzel crusted chicken tenders(mmm), buffalo wings(great), and spinach dip with pita bread and chips.  We even received quesadillas while we waited for the birthday boy.  The quesadillas disappeared as fast a Morgan(host) brought them out.  Morgan was the hostess with the mostest (Cheesey, I know, but she was really great with us).  Besides the beer, she knew exactly what everyone was drinking that night(Stoli Grape, Tonic, and Lime…Tastes like grape soda).  I did not get the DJ’s name that night(was feeling the libations when he came over…Ha!), but he covered EVERYTHING from the 80’s, 90’s, Top 40 , and Dance music.  We even did the WOBBLE (LLLLOOOVVVEE It!).  I left with a great workout under my belt.  We ended the night with a champagne toast and $50 gift card for the birthday boy, from the Village Pourhouse.  The night at the Village Pourhouse was casual, high-energy, night of good memories.  There isn’t anything that made me turn my nose up.  Everyone that we came across was there for the same thing…Great Beer, Drinks, Food , and Music…I will definitely be coming back.

Until our next outing…Smooches!


2 Responses

  1. Um…. I didn’t get an invite!!!

    • Yes, you did…on FB. You can go on the next trip. Def. going back.

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