“View with a Room”(…or maybe a couple of rooms)


Before I grew ill and cut my weekend short, I attended a beautiful intimate dinner, this past Thursday, with the people in my unit from work.  Yes, intimate.  It’s only three of us (my supervisor makes four…ha) Anyway…WE celebrated the holidays at the Liberty House, Jersey City, NJ(www.libertyhouserestaurant.com ).  As you drive up the old cobble road (cobble, brick,…it was a rocky drive), you see the Hudson River before you and the Liberty Landing Marina to the left of you.  You may even think you’re lost.  Once you get to the gate, you get anxious for the event that your taste buds are getting prepared to attend.

I sat down (I was late) with the rest of my party who had already agreed on wine (and a Mango Tango) with their water.  The wine, which was an Urban Riesling, was very good(not too sweet or dry).  We agreed on appetizers like sushi(which I didn’t eat…lol) Calamari, and a cheese platter.  The cheese platter was inviting to everyone.  There were samplings of at least three to four cheeses, fruit, nuts, bread, and honey.  The choice of starter was a compliment to the dinner, for which we were preparing ourselves.  I ordered the Steak, with a Cabernet Glaze, Sweet Potatoes, and Fennel.  The rest of my party ordered Duck and Pork Chop (with a pork cheek…yeah, pork cheek).   I have no complaints about my entree…AT ALL.  Dinner was beautiful.  I didn’t want dessert, but decided on a  Bella Nocella; coffee with various liquors added.  despite everyone’s protest for dessert, my supervisor ordered a tres leches for the four of us.  Great move.  I was weary, because the last version I had tasted of old milk and watery. The Liberty House did not dissappoint…Phenominal.

We ended dinner with pictures out on the grounds.  The weather was beautiful.  There were company functions, in progress, in different rooms and out by the fire pits (beautiful).  The energy of the evening was GREAT.  The Liberty House serves American fare(including Seafood and Steaks).  The restaurant also has a Raw Bar and Sushi Station.   The Liberty House stands behind their “view with a room” concept. The NY skyline is the backdrop to every setting.   The mix of the decor, including the various seating areas on the property, gives you a modern/traditional feel.  The Liberty House has events that they promote throughout the week such as Wine Wednesdays and Cocktail Tuesdays($25-$35pp).  Both events include a sample of five (wines or cocktail, depending on the themed evening) and hor d’ oeurves.  So, if you are ready for a beautiful event (for your taste buds and eyes) visit the Liberty House…and their sister property Stone House, Warren NJ.

Until our next outting…Smooches!


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