Weekend Wrap Up…Part Two (Sunday)

I’m not a pizza expert, but I know what type of pizza I enjoy… On this past Sunday, I bit into my sausage and spinach pizza at Margherita’s Pizza & Cafe in Hoboken NJ(www.vitosdeli.com/Margherita/Dinner/Dinner.htm ) and I had memories of eating pizza when I was younger…then crust, cheesy, and full of flavor(Yum).  These days the pizza tends to be doughy and dry.  I know it isn’t very healthy but I want pizza; not cheese bread…Sorry.  Margherita’s is a small casual dining experience. I’ve never had anything else but the pizza.  But, Margherita’s does other Italian entrees.    They offer a lunch and dinner menu (moderately priced-  $10-$20 on average).  A definite plus for me is the BYOB (Yeah Buddy!).  I have only gone to Margherita’s for lunch (early Sat./Sun. afternoon).  I’ve been able to walk in and get a table in the front window for 3.  But, I have heard that there is a wait during the later hours, which is definitely worth it (for the pizza).  If you happen to eat at Margherita’s and choose not to have pizza let me know how you enjoyed your visit…

Until our next outting…Smooches!


2 Responses

  1. Next time bring me a slice. Was there easy parking near the pizza place?

    • It’s Hoboken…lol There’s parking everywhere. It’s just up to you to find it…lol Seriously though, it’s just a matter of whether you want to pay for parking or get lucky.

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