Weekend Wrap Up…Part One (Friday)

So this past Friday, I walked into a popular place in South Orange.  I’ve enjoyed coming to this place, on just about any day of the week, for many years.  On this particular night it’s rather hard to find a seat at the bar (yes, even at the bar along the wall) and the lounge area located in the back.  That is why that Friday I enjoyed my libations in the dining room of Papillon 25 in South Orange, NJ (www.papillon25.com) .  Papillon 25 was opened in 2003 by Albert and Yanick Raneri.  Papillon 25  is a restaurant and martini bar, that has a popular Happy Hour from 3p-7p.  I would be much “happier” if it took place from 5p-9p…But, who am I? (lol)  I enjoy the selection of martinis offered during happy hour, despite the use of house liquor (Ha).  But, on that night I sipped on Riesling; one of many wines offered at Papillon 25.  The food is also delicious.  French, American, and Italian fare can be found on the menu.  The average price of an entrée is $9 (lunch) and $22 (dinner).  Most of the time I get the dumplings, chicken wings, or french fries (yes, simple fare for me), while I enjoy drinks.  But, I AM very delighted whenever Yanick decides to put the ” creole cups” on the “specials” menu.  I would describe them as jambalaya in a pastry.  If you are not accustomed to spices, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONSUME THIS ENTREE…lol  Papillon 25 has events throughout the week such as NFL Sundays and Jazz Nights (with live performances).  Reservations are available, and recommended, if you don’t like standing.  I prefer not to stand, so you will find me at Happy Hour (at the bar).  Ladies, they even provide hooks under the bar to hold your precious purses (Just thought I’d add…).  So the next time your plans are “up in the air” slide over to Papillon 25 until you make a decision…or just stay ’til closing.  Be sure to tell Tim, Al, Monica, “Browny” and Jabari that Ang said “Hi”.

Until our next outting…Smooches!


2 Responses

  1. I love this place too Angie! the Jolly Rancher is the best martini there (in my opinion). It’s a great place to catch the game at on Sundays too. You still get the happy hour menu and it’s not crowded at all.

    • The icetini (not on the HH menu) is sooo good. A definite “must do” also.

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